Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our weaning story...

I last nursed my daughter on the morning of Oct 3rd before I left for Germany for a week-long work trip. I thought it may be the last time so I let her nurse a little longer than usual and paid attention to her rather than the TV. Sigh...

She did great while I was gone. Went to bed well pretty much each night (after the 1st) and slept through the night as well.

Prior to my trip, we were down to nursing before bed and on most mornings - so 1-2 times per day.

I picked her up at daycare on Oct 9th. It was really nice to have her run to me with a big smile and saying "Mommy!"

That evening, I read her some books on the bed (as we always do) and when we were done, she said "Let's cuddle!" That was the first time she did not ask for "Mommy milk" at bedtime. So we cuddled to sleep (she loves my hair!) - she wouldn't sleep in her crib that night but I wouldn't have wanted to either. Both my husband and I were gone most of the week (in-laws watched her). She spent most of the night touching each of us to make sure we were there.

In the morning, she asked for "Mommy milk" but I told her that I didn't have anymore (which is the truth as I didn't even feel full at all for the week I was away) and my husband helped with saying she was a big girl now and didn't need it. She whined a little but she wasn't really serious about it - just one of those toddler "I'm not getting what I'm asking for" whines.

On Saturday, we had a full Mommy & daughter day and that night we read a few books and fell asleep cuddling. No requests for "Mommy milk." She also slept through the night in her crib again.

This morning, she asked again for "Mommy milk" and I just repeated that I didn't have any and she whined for less time than yesterday.

Of course, it is bittersweet but I was happy to make it to 2 years and pretty much done by 2.5 yrs. I know I didn't do true child led weaning, but I think we mutually weaned at the best time for both of us. I hated saying "no" to her on those mornings, but I figured if she can fall asleep without nursing, she definitely doesn't need it at wake-up.

But, we made it 2 yrs and 7.5 mos. So, yeah for us!