Wednesday, May 27, 2009

weaning from night nursing

When k was just about 2, I was starting to feel resentful of her frequent night nursing, so I knew it was time to start the weaning process,I joined a LLL group to get some tips and support on weaningMy experience was a real back and forth, between my needs and hers.We would try various different ideas- mostly from Elizabeth Pantley “no cry sleep soloution” one good tip ( if you co sleep) was to wait a few moments when your child makes a noise or moves- instead of using our instant mother instinct and putting them to the breast- give them a chance to resettle- maybe they didn't even wake up- I found that this eliminated sometimes 2 feeds a night! another one that helped was to keep a little distance in the bed- an arms reach away, so its not quite as easy access.It helps to have a bunch of ideas to try. For us some would work for a while, then an event would happen (we’d go away for a few days) and we’d be back to square one.Although next try would be much easier.